ID Management Solutions for all Market Sectors

By understanding the challenges that industries face, KIS Global provide tailored solutions to ID management for governments, educational establishments, healthcare, leisure, corporate and financial institutions and many other sectors.

KIS Global provide multi-application identity solutions and a comprehensive range of products to increase efficiency, accuracy, connectivity and ultimately, empower the success of businesses from a wide range of sectors worldwide. 

Discover how our products can improve customer experience, pioneer SMART business operations and empower the success of your organisation. 


SMART Business Operations

As automated processes and contactless technology drives multi applications within corporate markets, companies continue to integrate physical and logical access control into one card to optimise workplace processes, maximise productivity and identify and manage employee time and attendance.

As the corporate world becomes increasingly connected, KIS Global card programmes help to pioneer SMART business operations to deliver better and more efficient performance, empowering the success of businesses from a range of markets globally.


On and Off Campus Security

Schools, colleges and universities and other educational establishments rely on campus automation and integrated card programmes to maximise security and manage staff, student and visitor access controls. 

KIS Global complete solutions are a global leader in the provision of student and staff ID cards to increase campus security and provide access to meal service programmes, library and computer access control, registration and record-keeping. 


Secure Payment Transactions

The financial sector faces increased demand for instant issuance and immediate activation of debit and credit cards whilst focusing on maximum online and offline translation security. As well as enabling secure contact and contactless payments, the financial market has an increased need to improve customer in-branch experience by being able to quickly deal with lost, damaged or stolen cards.

KIS Global retransfer card printers support global financial institutions by providing encoding technologies to provide secure transactions, and protect customer data any time, anywhere.


Local and National Government

Secure Government Programmes

Local and national governments have an increasing emphasis on security to reduce threats from fraud, illegal immigration and terrorism. The need to adopt high-security technologies has led to an increased requirement for secure systems and the transition from paper-based to digital, computerized processes and documents. 

KIS Global are a trusted provider of integrated, secure government card programmes globally, providing national, military drivers, healthcare, voter, immigration and government employee identity cards.


Right Care at the Right Time

The healthcare industry faces ever-increasing demands for patient safety and security. The sector faces challenges including secure identification of, and access for employees, patients and visitors as well as the requirement to maintain patient records to streamline large, complex and fragmented systems. 

KIS Global identity management products allow physical and logical access control, tracking of employee time and attendance, patient registration, visitor management and many other features to provide secure, high speed and cost-effective solution to healthcare establishments all over the world.


Increase Customer Engagement

ID card printing solutions enable retail businesses to create bespoke and exclusive offers, benefits, discounts and other rewards based on consumer data gathered such as purchasing behaviour and demographics. As well as customer loyalty and store cards, ID cards can also be used within the sector to manage employee access and time and attendance tracking. 

KIS Global retail card programmes encourage customer loyalty and improve customer experience by enabling loyalty and gift cards to be issues at the point of sale, in-store. 



Efficient Transport Networks

Whether by road, air or rail, increasing the efficiency of transport networks is a priority. From providing verification of pass holders to contactless access control, printed ID cards are widely used across local and national transport hubs to increase security, efficiency and provide seamless customer experience to get from A to B.

Discover card printing solutions from KIS Global for transport networks including physical access passes, photo identity cards, and contactless solutions for electronic, cashless transactions to increase ease and speed of access for frequent and occasional travelers and commuters.

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