Laminates Support Information

Find below a breakdown of the various levels of lamination. These describe what each stage entails, from 2-dimensional holograms, fine printing with microtext and laser retrievable covert text.

To prevent your cards from damage, we have listed common causes of degradation.

Explore the Layers of Security

Level 1

High Resolution Lines with Kinetic Effect

2D and 3D Dimensional Holograms


Fine Line Guilloche Patterns

Matt Finish

Level 3


Micro Imagery

Brick Matrix Manipulation


Line Width Modulation (LVM)

Image Degradation Mechanisms

Chemicals Impact: Chemicals such as plasticizers, cosmetics, skin oils, ect. Plasticizers used to construct vinyl pouches found in most wallets can penetrate a card surface and extract the dyes used to print photos and other images.

Abrasions: Repeated swipes through a card reader can remove printed images from a plastic card.

Humidity & Moisture: Humidity, perspiration and other moisture can attack or weaken adhesion of poor quality protective layers, causing blistering or delamination.

Ultraviolet Exposure: Prolonged exposure to sunlight and other UV sources can fade printed images on plastic cards or turn the card stock yellow. It can also degrade protective layers.

Ribbon Erase Function

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