The natural choice for secure and durable laser applications

The SL50 Desktop Laser Printer is part of the SwiftLaser family, a range of world class equipment that can be deployed for instant issuance, decentralised, and centralised applications. 

This budget sensitive, project orientated model is designed to perform high quality and high performance laser engraving of ID cards, Driving Licenses, and other secure financial applications like debit/credit cards in plastics or metal.

Based on the latest generation design, this solution incorporates all the improvements and benefits derived from the large installed base and experience cumulated over the years.

Packed with essential, cost-effective features and with a range of options available, the SL50 is the ideal solution for all your financial instant issuance debit, credit cards and Government issued National IDs and Driving Licenses.

SL50 Features & Benefits

Each SL50 come with a host of options that allows you to tailor this desktop laser for you card program.  As a result, the SL50 can be tailored to the needs of the card being issued, ultimately reducing wastage and better suiting capital budgets


  • Be assured with 25+ years' experience installing thousands of Government to Citizen ID card programs, ready to bring state of the art technology to your project
  • Swiftpro K-Series is well respected globally for its Japanese engineering for quality and reliability
  • Ease of use, operations and maintenance with minimal downtime provides the customer with efficient solutions for their card programs
  • Hundreds and thousands of units installed globally within a multitude of vertical markets


  • Safeguarding your project from counterfeiting and theft is our utmost priority. The hopper and fiber laser benefit from a secure lock and key mechanism, allowing you to feel confidence in the security of your project.


  • SL50 provides simplicity with a a host of upgrade options and field upgrability
  • Minimal training is required because of its simple design and intuitive operation


  • Innovating since the 2002, we're leaders in state of the art laser printing technology.
  • Innovating since the 90’s with state of the art retransfer printers, providing safe, secure, and reliable ID card printer solutions to global organisations since 1989
  • Following the launch of the first thermal transfer printer over two decades ago, we have continued to pioneer disruptive technologies such as ribbon erase, debow and electronic locks to establish ourselves as market leaders in the retransfer printing market
  • Working in Partnership with leading Laser manufactuer and leaders in desktop ID1 card personalisation laser system since 2003 with over 2300 Systems installed globally


  • Achieve an impressive 10 year card life for your ID card programs using PC cards and 600dpi laser engraving.

Image Quality

  • Benefit from high resolution from 600dpi to 1200 dpi printing with our advanced fiber laser, with micro text, guilloche, tactile and embossed effects available for ultimate customisation

Protecting Dynamic Markets against Fraud and Identity Fraud

SL50™ provides a range of security features such as Electronic Guilloche, High-Resolution Gradient UV Printing, Micro Text, CLI or MLI, Tactile Effect, Vision System and a variety of custom holographic overlay and laminates.

National ID, Driving Licence and Voting Cards

Local and national governments have an increasing emphasis on security to reduce threats from fraud, illegal immigration and terrorism. The need to adopt high-security technologies has led to an increased requirement for secure systems and the transition from paper-based to digital, computerized processes and documents. 

Not only this, the need for instant issuance and portability is quickly becoming a need for Government to citizen eID programs.

The SL50 is a trusted secure solution for government card programmes globally providing national, military, driving license, healthcare, voter, immigration and government employee cards.

Professional Services

At KISG we highly value the work ethics and collaboration with our partners and the growing number of our trusted and valued end customers

We know that manufacturing and selling hardware and software alone is not enough to meet today's customer expectations. For that reason, we are very proud to introduce our Professional Services.

KIS Global Professional Services aim to accompany our partners and customers in their journey to experience our products as part of a solution. This entails a tailor-made offering of service packages in Training, Integration, Implementation and Maintenance. Its core methodology has been inspired by the fundamentals of Prince2Practitioner and Foundation accreditation.

Given the level of complexity with SwiftKiosk, KIS Global has designed a range of service packages to meet partners and system integrators' needs.

We are confident of providing our bespoke service that enables you to deliver the 3A experience.
Please contact your appointed KISG, VP of Channel Sales, for a quote on our professional service packages.

SL50 Internal Technical Specifications

  • 20W Fiber Laser with High Quality Components & Optics
  • 280 Cards Per Hour Single Side
  • 150 Cards Per Hour Dual Sided Printing
  • High Resolution 256 Greyscale Picture Engraving
  • XY Offset Registration
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 300 Card Input Feeder (Add 200 With Second Hopper)
  • 100 Card Output Hopper (Add 200 With External Output Bin)
  • Chip Encoding
  • Contact and Contactless
  • IP Connectivity, Single Wire Through On-Board PC
  • SDK & Web Based Software Tools
  • Colour Graphics Display for Status & Monitoring
  • Integrated Vacuum System with Active Carbon Filter
  • Reject Card Function
  • Flipping Mechanism
  • Ethernet LAN Output
  • Transparent Window
  • Microtext
  • Emboss
  • Indent
  • CLI
  • MLI
  • 3.5A (100V system) 1.6A (220V system)
  • 310W (maximum power when all options are installed)
  • Temperature: 15°C to 30°C
  • Humidity: 35% to 70% (YMCK ink, No Condensation)
  • Height    600mm Without Card Stacker
  • Width     550mm Without Card Stacker
  • Depth     350mm Without Card Stacker
  • Weight    60 kg
  • Integrated High Resolution Vision System
  • OCR Recognition
  • 1D/2D Barcode Reading
  • MRZ Reading
  • Auto-Positioning XY Camera
  • OCR, OCV, Barcode Vision System
  • Integrated Contact/Contactless Chip Reader w/ USB Connection
  • Magnetic Tracks ISO Track 1,2,3
  • Barcode Reader
  • Extended Warranty
  • Card Thickness 10-40mil
  • Card Size ISO 7810 Format, CR80, ID-1
  • Card Material: PVC, PC, PET, PET-G , Metal
  • Technology Cards Contact and or Contactless with and Without Mag Stripe
  • USB2.0 (Hi-speed / Full Speed)
  • Ethernet (100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T)

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