KIS Global

KIS Global is a young and dynamic team of professionals that have a mission to assemble and deliver market-leading identity management solutions backed by quality Japanese engineering, over 100 years of combined industry experience and a knowledgeable team of industry experts.

We pride ourselves on working with partners and creating trusted relationships, secure alliance networks to drive mutual business growth and supply of high-quality products that empower the success of businesses through providing solutions to increase productivity, efficiency and security.

We empower customers globally to issue a multitude of different credentials from identity cards, debit and credit cards using SMART™ business approach. Along with implementing the Three A’s™ into their card issuance program, Authentication, Authorisation, and Accountability. We make it possible for consumers and citizens around the world to safely transact, work efficiently & securely, as well as travel easy.


SMART Business Operations

At KIS Global, we are passionate about increasing security and efficiency of identity and access management. Following the launch of the first thermal transfer printer in 1989, we have continued to pioneer retransfer technologies and provide trusted identity solutions to businesses worldwide.

Our card programmes allow physical and logical access control and provide tailored solutions to meet increasingly demanding card issuance requirements across a range of industries. We pride ourselves on building relationships with customers and understanding business needs to provide tailored solutions to improve operational efficiency.

KIS Global's missions and values are underpinned by our SMART business operation framework. Find out more below.

Single Partner Distribution

Our single partner distribution network enables us to build trusted partnerships with one partner for each of the vertical markets we operate within. These long term collaborations are a key element of KIS Global and we are committed to assisting partners in gaining competitive advantage to deliver SMART business solutions and drive mutual growth.

Market Solutions

KIS Global printers and laminators offer the complete solution to reliable and secure ID card and badge printing for businesses from all markets. Our products provide physical and digital access to support the delivery of efficient, cost-effective and SMART business operations within government to citizen, financial and enterprise sectors.

Alliance Network

We have a strong track record of assisting our network of partners to differentiate their businesses by providing secure identity management solutions for a range of markets worldwide.

Retransfer Innovation

KIS Global are leaders in the retransfer printing market for over 20 years. From high-speed printers and laminators, our bespoke identity and access management solutions offer increased security, durability and reliability.

Trusted Japanese Engineering

KIS Global has a long standing R&D in Tokyo, Japan spanning over 20 years in delivering superior innovative and ease of use thermal retransfer printers. We have continued to pioneer disruptive technologies to establish ourselves as market leaders in the retransfer printing market.

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