The concept of “ID/Document Enrollment & Authentication: IDEA” is to play the central role within the practice of Privacy by Design. It seeks to manage ID information and biometrics transparently as a middleware with no restrictions from the vendor’s core application or front and back-end system.

Based on IDEA Concept, each product or service will provide various support layers to customers including public authorities and free developer’s application for specialised technologies. The concept itself is a complete solution for customers’ needs but also a useful runtime library.

Image quality checking and correcting solution - IDEA Image AQA

IDEA Image AQA” runs a quality check and image correction on data from camera and scanner plugins to meet customers’ requirements. Face recognition and OCR analysis are some of the tasks performed by our solution. “HIPA”, our image processing engine, not only compiles and generates such data but also adjusts location and cleans the data.

IDEA : Internal Crime Blocking Solution by Face Recognition for Windows

Today's criminals are looking at ways to commit cybercrimes. This solution blocks unauthorised use and bolsters biometrics two-factor authentication for secure computer login access and administration management.

IDEA Gate for Immigration

This middleware provides all the necessary software required for immigration eGates at airports. Should face recognition not reach the passing score, multi-authentication via other biometrics such as fingerprint and Iris can be added to the process. It complies with FRONTEX guidelines and ICAO DOC9303 specification.

e-Passport PKI Solution

This solution offers compliance with ICAO specifications on passport issuance and verification requirements. Since the introduction of passport & ID Card Issuance, the need for examination and verification has been and will be at the forefront of Government and corporation’s policy on secure identification. It meets the level of security required in IEEE SC37 standard for Governments and Corporations.

Area and applications supported by the IDEA series

The KIS Global ‘IDEA’

We empower customers globally to issue a multitude of different credentials from identity cards, debit and credit cards using SMART™ business approach.

Along with implementing the Three A’s™ into their card issuance program, Authentication, Authorisation, and Accountability. We make it possible for consumers and citizens around the world to safely transact, work efficiently & securely, as well as travel easy.

The concept of “ID/Document Enrollment & Authentication: IDEA” is to play the central role within the practice of Privacy by Design. It seeks to manage ID information and biometrics transparently as a middleware with no restrictions from the vendor’s core application or front and back-end system.


Consultancy and technical research of ID management for SIer

Supply and integration of technology such as PKI, biometrics, NFC, RFID, and image processing

Authentication solutions collaborated with IC-card, biometrics, Active Directory, and Credential Provider

System migration and introduction of communication technology (SOA Migration, XML based Messaging)

System integration of Microsoft products (Active Directory, Exchange, design and construction of SharePoint, customization)


Consultancy and technology research of security field

Introduction of tamper resistant device (HSM), encryption infrastructure, design and construction of PKI application

System design and development in accordance with PCI-DSS

System design and development using biometrics

IC-card issuing solution for e-Passport, National ID, and others

ID management infrastructure using multi modal biometrics

Solution of detecting a specific person or action using motion sensor and face recognition


Introduction of unmanned reception and digital signage using face recognition technology

Introduction of integrated management environment and digital signage to support in-house transmission and ticket-driven development

Remote work support / work style management solution

Consultancy and technical research of knowledge management

Consultancy for productivity improvement by groupware and smart phone

Design and development of business applications for smart phone

Protetcing Dynamic Markets against Fraud and Identity Fraud

The company that brought innovation through its retransfer technology brings an industry first. The unique compact inline Retransfer, Laser Engraving and Laminator personalisation desktop printer.

SwiftLaser™ is an ideal printer solution for your government to citizen ID programs that offer you the ability to incorporate laser, colour printing and custom laminating onto your ID1 card format.

SwiftLaser™ provides a range of security features such as Electronic Guilloche, High-Resolution Gradient UV Printing, Micro Text, CLI or MLI, Tactile Effect, Vision System and a variety of custom holographic overlay and laminates.

We offer our customers the ability to build their systems based on their ID1 card programs. KISG provides a range of modules that offer customers flexibility and modularity and choose to add in Laser and Lamination to their Swiftpro™ Retransfer card printer.

Japanese engineering combined with Laser expertise = Secure Solutions

National ID, Driving Licence and Voting Cards

Local and national governments have an increasing emphasis on security to reduce threats from fraud, illegal immigration and terrorism. The need to adopt high-security technologies has led to an increased requirement for secure systems and the transition from paper-based to digital, computerized processes and documents. 

SwiftLaser™ is a trusted secure solution for government card programmes globally providing national, military, driving license, healthcare, voter, immigration and government employee identity cards.

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