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Swiftpro® K30

The Swiftpro K30 retransfer card printer has outstanding print quality for single-sided UB printing with 300dpi printing density.

Swiftpro® K30D

The Swiftpro K30D retransfer card printer is the ultimate, on-demand ID card printer with the added benefit of double-sided printing capability.

Swiftpro® K60

The Swiftpro K60 retransfer card printer has high-resolution 600dpi print capability for clear, sharp imagery and impressive public appearance.

Swiftpro® L10

The Swiftpro L10 provides enhanced durability and longer card lifecycle. The unit is the ideal partner for the Swiftpro K-Series printers.

Swiftpro® L10D

The Swiftpro L10D has the added benefit of double-sided lamination over the Swiftpro L10. Compatible with all Swiftpro K-Series printers.

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