Healthcare ID Cards for Safe and Compliant Practices

The KIS Global product range enables healthcare establishments to create safe and compliant environments for medical staff, patients and visitors. Medical identification cards allow healthcare establishments to protect both patients and valuable resources such as life-saving equipment and medication. Swiftpro ID cards are a fundamental element to patients receiving the correct care they require.

One Card for...

Protecting Healthcare Facilities

With increasing demands for patient safety and security, IoT is playing a vital role in this segment and having a robust card program that can be easily rolled out is very important, equally important is selecting the right card printer and laminator for your program.

KIS Global retransfer printers and laminators are the perfect solution for healthcare establishments that require personalised physical and logical access management for staff and physical access control for visitors. Healthcare card programs allow medical establishments to track patients, visitors and contractors on-site as well as online record lookup and healthcare card eligibility programs.

Facility management companies looking to bring efficiencies into healthcare establishments by automating car parking, vending, canteen, time and attendance and automated computer login and access to patient records. Swiftpro product ranges respond directly to increasing demands for patient safety and security.

Typical Applications for Healthcare:

  • Staff ID
  • Medical student ID
  • Secure ID login applications
  • Cashless vending and payment cards
  • Visitor management and access cards
  • Contractor ID and access control
  • Multi-application cards

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