ID Cards for Efficient Transport Networks

ID cards are a crucial element to maximise security within the transport industry and maintain smooth running of global transport networks. KIS Global provide complete solutions to control the management and access of public transportation, improving the quality of service for passengers and enhancing productivity and efficiency for staff and operators.

One Card for...

Getting from A to B

Identification cards are an increasingly popular method of purchasing travel tickets from one destination to another without having to directly visit a ticket office, improving passenger experience and reducing delays. 

KIS Global printer products produce identification cards for a number of transport networks across the globe. From airports to tube stations, travel cards offer a fast and easy way to gain access to public travel.

Travel cards increase passenger ease of access as a result of contactless technologies that continue to improve commuter experience by giving them access by the simple act of tapping a card on a machine. Travel cards can allow interoperability across various transport networks, including bus, rail and tram, meaning passengers only require one card to access several services.

Typical Applications for Transport:

  • Employee ID
  • City passes
  • Visitor access management
  • Smart card tickets
  • Multi-application cards

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