The 5 Building Blocks of Your Card Program

  • Presently 4th generation retransfer card printer
  • Thousands of units shipped and installed globally
  • Dedicated to two decades of manufacturing retransfer printers globally
  • World class 36-month warranty and lifetime warranty on printhead
  • Print on demand or high-volume batch issuance - industry workhorse
  • Built to adapt to the changing needs of the customers card programs and help grow the portfolio and configuration over time
  • Options for encoding functionality (magnetic stripe, contact and contactless smart card)
  • Optional single and dual sided laminators
  • Capable of printing on various media substrates PVC, PC, ABS, PET and PETG
  • Optional laser module (Coming 2020)
  • Best in breed quality with 300 dpi
  • HD printing using 600 dpi technology
  • 256 gradations - dye-sublimation printing
  • UV printing (256 gradations)
  • Higher durability with dual InTM film protection, overlays and durable laminates with options of holographic security
  • Best in class security for your secure card programs for Government to Citizen ID and Financial Instantly Issued Credit and Debit Card
  • IPSec (IPv6 / IPv4). Encryption protects personal information on a network
  • The security erase function (patented) prevents leakage of personal information on the ink ribbon. It scrambles information beyond recognition to protect this data
  • Optional security holographic overlay and laminates
  • Electronic security lock function – front door (supplies) hopper (cards)
  • Innovation comes from dedication, focus and expertise, working on retransfer technology at a global level.
  • A leading manufacturer of desktop card printers in America and Europe used Swiftpro’s innovative retransfer card printing technology prior to developing their own
  • Swiftpro is the only printing manufacturer that focuses solely on retransfer printing technology
  • A dedicated research and development team with over 100 years experience collectively
  • Pioneering and personalised hardware solutions for global businesses in a wide range of sectors

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